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Mind Your Earth

Awareness is the first step to any possible solution. Bringing a way to digitize trash points you see nearby.
- Mark trash points on the map
- Vote them being dirty or clean
- Share trash points with others
- Share to get a link for the trash points
- Select from different types of trash points

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Mind your earth


i-Dev is an action learning based development journey delivered on a mobile device. It focuses on the completion of the 70% component of the 70-20-10 model of development, which is on-the-job learning. In this program the action learning part of the IDP is broken down into interesting actions delivered in a micro/byte size-format through the mobile app. These actions are tracked through the IDP tracker by the learner’s manager also via the Mobile App, ensuring high adherence to the program.


Note Owl

This product was brought to life with one aim, i.e; making the best possible User Experience(UX) for any given product. Note making app is a simple one but this product involved extensive user research on how people love to make note, what is the most satisfying thing for them while making notes, effect of app startup time on users and many other research questions. This ended in creating the most elegant note browsing experience, neat & minimal UI, friction-less note creation, adding image to user notes and creating labels for notes.



Users have successfully compressed more than 2 million images using DeComp. I developed this app during my college education using Java & Android SDK. During early days of DeComp, it's UI was less aesthetic but more user-friendly, UX was good. I revamped it to make it how it looks today. It has approximately 400 daily active users and growing. This app is pretty straight forward. Select your images, select the quality for your compressed images via a slider, and voila. DeComp provides the least possible size for selected images while keeping your required demand for the image quality.



PlaNet started as my passion project in 2014 to increase social interaction outside social media. The idea is to let users plan their events on a unified platform where they can invite other people to join the events. It includes features like creating open or closed plans, inviting people to plans, tracking invitees location.

PlaNet didn't just remain my passion project. I invested 2 years to bring this to life with failure but in turn I learnt awesome technologies involved behind such a large-scale product. I learnt how to design UI, create amazing UX, and developed a taste for design in everyday things. This was a huge learning experience for me.

Honorable mentions


SeekPeek - Map your friends

SeekPeek allows you to share your location with Facebook friends. It is a utility, fun & social app allowing you to view everyone's location on single a map at the same time and also allows the users to stylize their interactive map from six different styles. This idea was relatively new way back when there was no location sharing feature in Google Maps and Whatsapp. Also, users can generate a unique link to share location with anybody, and send smiley tokens with private message on map where tokens being sent are visible on map to other online users.


Tag about it

Tag About It is about sharing reviews and recommendation about anything possible via device contacts. It includes categories like hangouts, shopping, services. People can filter via location, distance or category. I took on this freelance project as I saw the potential and the opportunity to work on a potentially good product. As per the client requirements, I fixed some of the broken features added some new ones. Also, the client wanted a complete renovation of his product. We decided to design and set a base brand guidelines for this product on certain budget. We worked together for some time but later client budget & expectations start to run off the charts.

About ME


Enthusiastic since college

August 19, 2012
During my early days in college, I was amazed by how mobile technology was booming and how easily accessible it was. So, I decided to develop for mobile. I started out creating simple apps and then decided to create a plan-making platform, from where I got an eye for design. It took me 2 years to convert the concept into the design from scratch while learning about design. The product was never launched but it turned out to be the greatest learning point for the upcoming products I created or projects I worked on.

The MNC experience: Expansion

June 28, 2016
I worked with Cognizant for 1 year & 3 months. Given so much time on mobile technology & design during my college education, now came a time to expand my area of expertise. As per business requirements provided by the domain in Cognizant, I learned frontend web development. I was creating web pages by day and Android apps by night. My path just got expanded and during my time with Cognizant, I created 2 products, Seekpeek & Mind Your Earth and took on a freelance project as well. I surely felt it was time to move on as my passion for design & mobile tech was seeded strongly but I was open to any kind of learning. Jombay seemed the right choice.

Growing with the growth of startup

October 6, 2017
I joined Jombay in 2017. The journey with Jombay has been amazing so far. I got an opportunity to grow with a growing company and culture. I started working on a product which was amateur in every possible ways, from design to code base. Given this opportunity, I along with my team shifted the way product was being developed, from legacy to modern Android development. I was given the chance to revamp the initial design of app before product went through complete revamp. Today, the product stands at an extremely good place with highly engaging user and aprox. 99% crash free users. It has been a journey.
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